FRI, Apr 20, 2018
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1998 - 2018




At Sound of the Soul we offer the finest Audio and Video for your Classic Vintage & Antique Automobile.


Specializing in using modern technology to allow you to have a modern digital quality sound in your automobile while keeping the age appropriate look for your particular classic ride.

Everybody loves restoring their dream car from yesterday. Body & upholstery shops and just about anything you need can be found on line for your classic car… our product is unique; a vintage look radio with new modern technology!


gmc-dash build-custom-car-entertainment-system-1


Our quality radios have the appearance of the factory original that came with your car, but with today’s modern digital quality sound with the knowledge on how to install these in your classic, vintage and antique car.

Imagine having the original look with CD changer convenience, blue-tooth, MP3. MP4. iPod, iPhone, Android, Sirrius Sat. along with speakers that fit in the original openings, giving you the sound quality you are accustomed to in todays modern vehicles in your Classic and Vintage Ride!